HappiDen Inc.

Established in 2002 in South Korea, HappiDen is a leading manufacturer of dental solutions, with a specialty in VPS impression material.
Our in-depth understanding of the market needs in VPS impression material has made us the customer’s top of mind for the products they need. With our top-notch manufacturing practices and global distribution channels, we can compete locally and abroad.

Innovation is a significant part of our strategies. We never stop finding new ways to improve our products for customers’ convenience and satisfaction. The recently developed auto cartridge filling machine is one example. It not only enhanced our productivity but improved the product quality as well by minimizing error through automated production process. As such, we are always on top of the competition as the right supplier for the products you need.
We are also specialized in custom VPS formulation and private labelling (OEM) services based on customer’s needs.

With KFDA certification, US FDA certification, ISO 13485, QMS certifications, KGMP and applicable international product registrations, the quality of our product is recognized across the board by leading universities and dental clinics not only in Korea but also overseas customers. To date, we remain No. 1 company in the dental impression market in the country.

HappiDen’s success is only beginning. We are taking our company to the future with our unwavering commitment to quality products and customer satisfaction.