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"SP RELINE +1 is a one-time kit that allows for 2 uses on the upper jaw and 1 use on the lower jaw, with a 100% money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction."


This Kit includes
Soft Reliner  (4.7ml) 2EA + Primer (1ml) 1 EA + 2 Mixing Tips + 2 Applicator
+ 1 Coarse Point + 1 Finishing Wheel
Coarse Point (Polish the re-liner-denture boundary smoothly.)
Finishing Wheel (Achieve final finishing using the Brown Hill)

Working Time: 1'30"  Color: Translucent Pink
Setting Time: 4'30"     Shore Hardness. 39

• Used for temporary teeth in dentures and implants
• Excellent durability
• Easy to shape and adhesive properties Great elasticity for good retention
• No discoloration

Sustained Comfort in a Single Appointment
superior tear resistance ensures patient satisfaction for up to two years.
The denture relining process can be completed in just one appointment, thanks to its straightforward procedure.

Lasting Relief with Minimal Degradation
Designed for long-lasting relief, SP Reline Soft S
offers exceptional durability, remarkable stain and odor resistance,
and excellent denture adhesion, ensuring extended comfort for patients.

Extended Comfort for up to 2 Years
SP Reline Soft S is a chairside soft denture reline material
that offers long-lasting comfort and satisfaction to patients for a duration of up to two years.
This efficient solution requires only a single application, making it a convenient choice.
Suitable for relining upper, lower, partial, or full dentures
it also provides relief for irritated tissues following surgery,
tooth extraction, or implant procedures

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